A Tribute to Lama Yeshe

In 1984, shortly after Lama Yeshe’s death, Wisdom Magazine (the magazine of the FPMT, the precursor to today’s Mandala magazine) paid this tribute to Lama’s life and work. Big Love, the official, authorized biography of Lama Yeshe contains personal stories of the lamas and the students who learned, lived and traveled with them, as well as more…

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The Advantages of Monastic Life

From a talk offered by Lama Yeshe to the fledgling Western sangha as part of a series of talks given at Tushita Retreat Centre in Dharamsala, India in April, 1982 during the first Enlightened Experience Celebration. Edited by Nicholas Ribush and published by LYWA in Advice for Monks and Nuns. Multimedia presentation created by Megan Evart. May the…

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