The Importance of Motivation

Before listening to this teaching you need to cultivate a pure motivation, because the action of listening to teachings has to be different from your usual life activities. If your listening to teachings—an action that you feel is special compared to what you usually do—is no different from or higher than your regular daily activities,Continue reading “The Importance of Motivation”

Give Up Stretching the Legs

Here is another way of generating a bodhicitta motivation in our daily lives by using a concise but very effective verse from tantra. His Holiness Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche would always mention this practice to be done in the morning upon waking. In tantric practice there is sleeping yoga without creativity, or mental fabrication, and sleepingContinue reading “Give Up Stretching the Legs”

Cutting the Concept of Permanence

Start by thinking: Guru Shakyamuni Buddha descended into this world from Tushita Pure Land and showed the twelve deeds of a buddha. He taught the Dharma by expounding the 84,000 teachings and enlightened numberless sentient beings not only in this world but also in other universes. In this way, the benefits to sentient beings wereContinue reading “Cutting the Concept of Permanence”

The Importance of Practicing Guru Puja

I want to give a little introduction to the Guru Puja (Lama Chopa) that we normally do at the start of our practice during retreats. One reason we do this Guru Puja first is because it’s a highest tantra practice. From the four classes of tantra—Kriya, Charya, Anuttara and Maha Anuttara—it belongs to Maha AnuttaraContinue reading “The Importance of Practicing Guru Puja”

An Introduction to the Chanting Lineage of the Guru Puja

THE IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING THE CHANTING I think it’s very important for everybody to learn the chanting for the Guru Puja, Nyung nä and a few other practices that are normally done together. Of course anybody can learn the chanting, but I think particularly the sangha should put more effort to learn it well. ThereContinue reading “An Introduction to the Chanting Lineage of the Guru Puja”

The Seven-Limb Practice

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SEVEN-LIMB PRACTICE Following the generation of the second merit field (LC 9-14) and the Invocation (LC 15-17), there is a long or short Bath Offering—if you are doing the extensive Guru Puja combined with the Jorchö (Lama Chöpa Jorchö). And after that, comes the practice of the seven limbs—prostrations, offerings, confession,Continue reading “The Seven-Limb Practice”