The Advantages of Monastic Life

It is important that we consider how to present Dharma in the West. You can’t just say, ‘‘Oh, this director invited me to come and give teachings. OK, I’ll just go.’’ This has happened many times, but I’m not sure that it’s appropriate. Therefore, I wanted to say a little about education at Nalanda Monastery.Continue reading “The Advantages of Monastic Life”

The Best Answers Come Through Meditation

Whenever human problems arise,  instead of getting nervous and worried, you’re better off meditating and checking up. Meditation is like a computer—whenever regular people have a problem, they turn to their computer for answers; similarly, whenever meditators have a problem, they meditate. And through meditation they get answers. The answers are there; the calm, clearContinue reading “The Best Answers Come Through Meditation”

Giving & Taking on the Breath

Earlier we did a meditation for training our mind in detachment by giving away all our possessions, including our body, to other sentient beings. This time we’re going to do the same thing, sending all sentient beings all our goodness—our knowledge-wisdom, good qualities and positive energy. Technically, the way we do this is to mentallyContinue reading “Giving & Taking on the Breath”