An Introduction to the Chanting Lineage of the Guru Puja

THE IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING THE CHANTING I think it’s very important for everybody to learn the chanting for the Guru Puja, Nyung nä and a few other practices that are normally done together. Of course anybody can learn the chanting, but I think particularly the sangha should put more effort to learn it well. ThereContinue reading “An Introduction to the Chanting Lineage of the Guru Puja”

The Seven-Limb Practice

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SEVEN-LIMB PRACTICE Following the generation of the second merit field (LC 9-14) and the Invocation (LC 15-17), there is a long or short Bath Offering—if you are doing the extensive Guru Puja combined with the Jorchö (Lama Chöpa Jorchö). And after that, comes the practice of the seven limbs—prostrations, offerings, confession,Continue reading “The Seven-Limb Practice”