Cutting the Concept of Permanence

Start by thinking: Guru Shakyamuni Buddha descended into this world from Tushita Pure Land and showed the twelve deeds of a buddha. He taught the Dharma by expounding the 84,000 teachings and enlightened numberless sentient beings not only in this world but also in other universes. In this way, the benefits to sentient beings wereContinue reading “Cutting the Concept of Permanence”

The Importance of Practicing Guru Puja

I want to give a little introduction to the Guru Puja (Lama Chopa) that we normally do at the start of our practice during retreats. One reason we do this Guru Puja first is because it’s a highest tantra practice. From the four classes of tantra—Kriya, Charya, Anuttara and Maha Anuttara—it belongs to Maha AnuttaraContinue reading “The Importance of Practicing Guru Puja”